Our Plan For the Future of Green Transportation

Our Plan For the Future of Green Transportation

Brian Hoffman on Jan 17th 2020

Hello Concerned Citizens,

On behalf of Ebike Cargo Products, I would like to introduce you to the Velocker bicycle cargo system. Our Velocker system represents a bold new type of locking bicycle cargo container (pannier), enabling more people to live “life by bike.”

In 2017, I was looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint. I began using an electric bike, or E-bike, for my 25 mile daily commute. My E-bike allowed me to get around quickly and easily while getting plenty of exercise and producing no emissions. I found it difficult, however, to carry around my daily needs with a backpack or using traditional pannier bags. In the spring of 2018, I designed and fabricated a set of large, lightweight saddle-boxes and securely clamped them to my bicycle. The prototype aluminum cargo cases were safe to ride with because they had a low center of gravity and deflected impacts, secure with locking yet easily removable lids, and weatherproof with heavy-duty gaskets. “Velockers” allowed me the freedom to accomplish all of my daily tasks by bike and I rarely needed to drive after that. The cargo boxes received a lot of attention everywhere I rode and people often asked where they could be purchased. My team and I spent the following 18 months establishing a market need, refining my designs, building a brand and generating product awareness.

Looking forward, modes of transportation will shift from running on fossil fuels to using sustainable energy sources. Traffic congestion and parking shortages will continue to be major issues in population centers around the world. A Velocker equipped e-bike is the most efficient way to transport people, goods and gear securely around the urban landscape. Market growth for the E-bike transportation and logistics sector is expected to surge in coming years, first in Southeast Asia and Western Europe, then in the United States. Our business development plan is designed to coincide with these evolving markets and we expect strategic, sustained growth into the next decade. My team and I are also responsible for Doghook Inc., a successful pet product venture which has sold more than 20,000 units in 26 countries. We are currently seeking investors to help Ebike Cargo grow from an early seed stage start-up to a multi-million-dollar, international, transformative company.

Ebike Cargo Products is ideally positioned and uniquely prepared to succeed in this space. We can consistently and inexpensively manufacture Velockers for distribution around the world. We will work closely with e-bike manufacturers to provide consumers with the most innovative and versatile automobile replacement strategies available. Our mission is to provide products that empower others to embrace sustainable transportation and live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.