The Humble Beginnings of Ebike Cargo and Velocker

The Humble Beginnings of Ebike Cargo and Velocker

Brian Hoffman on Feb 15th 2014

Last spring I bought my first electric assist cargo bike.  At the time $4000 seemed like a lot of money for a bike, but as a concerned citizen, I needed to drive my 16 mpg SUV less.

I loved it, I was riding all over San Diego, doing things by bike that I didn't think possible.  I found myself testing the limits of life by Ebike.  I could ride across town for lunch, ride down to the beach, go to Home Depot, all without gas.  

My bike came with some nifty little panniers that could hold a paper grocery bag full of stuff each.  They were useful, and I still have them, but they could not handle heavier objects, and rips quickly developed around the corners and fastenings.

I looked and looked in bike shops and online for heavy duty panniers or some other cargo solution that would suit my needs.  They needed to be able to take abuse and last.  What I found was an amazing selection of $200 nylon and rubber bags, that I would need to replace every 6 months, if they didn't get stolen first.

So I started playing around with the idea of making aluminum cargo containers for my bike.  I wanted to take full advantage of this amazingly efficient machine.  I am a tradesman and have some tools, but I had no idea what I wanted to build at first.  

After a painstaking design process and an extended trial and error period, the Idea for Velockers emerged.

I would build heavy duty, yet lightweight bike cargo boxes.  They would be as large as possible while still being safe to ride with.  They would be rattle free and easily removable.  They would be lockable and secure, yet the lids would easily come off so I could ride around with my dogs in them.  

I took my time building the first set of Velockers and they came out awesome, if I do say so myself.  I put 5500 miles on that bike in a year, rode it almost every day.  Riding around and getting smiles and thumbs up from strangers was amazing.  I could not believe how many people went out of their way to approach me to talk about the bike, we were apparently on to something.

Over the past 6 months we have developed a diverse team to make Ebikecargo a reality.  Katrina, Jannine, Donnie, Alex, David, John and I are working hard to bring you sustainable transportation choices.  Join us, fight climate change and improve your quality of life.


Gotta ride!