Katrina LeBlanc on Nov 12th 2019

My name is Katrina, I am the director of operations for, the home of the Velocker. I would like to start off with the important fact that I believe in our company with my whole heart. I am fully aware that we need to do our part to make life changes to help our environment and switching our method of transportation is an obvious one. However I honestly thought I couldn’t realistically make “life by Bike” a reality for me, let me a take a moment to explain: I have struggled with weight most of my life going up and down and I am currently at one of the heaviest I have ever been, admitting that is a little embarrassing but necessary for one to understand where I am coming from and why I didn’t believe it was possible for me. I am also a mom, who works full time actively managing 3 companies with my boss and the mom who always takes all the kids. Basically, I have a lot of stuff to carry with me all the time. The final thing is I take my “4 legged kids” to work with me every single day and even though I know a Velocker can easily take your dogs with you, I still thought this is not possible for me. Excuses come so easy in our lives, we even turn them from excuse to fact, and I had done this, assuring myself this was not possible for me. I wanted to get an ebike and equip it with Velockers I honestly did, but I would tell myself, I am too fat, I am too out of shape, I have too much to carry, I can’t take the dogs, it is too expensive to purchase an electric bike, and so on and so on. 

BUT something happened and it changed everything for me. My company offered to help volunteer for a cycling event, my boss arranged for me and my partner to have 2 Benno bikes to ride the route of the event. I had plenty to carry that day, my purse bottles of water, a jacket, a camera and accessories, and I was able to put everything in my Velocker and have plenty of room to spare!I made a mental note that I could really use these boxes to get to and from daily, even one when I had the pups with me, and that was just the start of my revelation.I was nervous about the miles we were going to ride as I am very out of shape right now, but we started out with the 3 mile ride to the event where we would ride another 20 plus miles while we were there, needless to say I thought I was not going to make it out alive.Then it happened I got on my bike and I was free, I mean free like you felt when you were a kid riding around your neighborhood or those old dirt country roads like I grew up on. I felt great, I rode and rode, I didn’t want to stop, I was on a “bikers High” my body felt great my mind felt great, my smile was permanently fixed to my face. I didn’t even notice the miles I put down, but I did notice the lift in my spirit. As the day went on everything I needed for a whole day of volunteer work and to” just be me” was easily accessible and safe in my Velocker and it hit me, this is it, this is what my life needs, not just me but my whole family, we need to make this change and IT IS POSSIBLE for us. I can make a change to “Think Global and Ride Local”, I can cut my automobile needs in more than half, I can do my part to make a difference and at the same time give back to myself, I can make these changes, for my environment but also for me, my body, my weight loss and my mental state.

I want to sincerely challenge anybody who thinks they can’t do it, to spend one day with me on a bike doing all the things you need to get done local and say it is not possible for them, especially with Velocker boxes, they can carry all your needs even your kids! I am going to start my weight loss journey and my ride back to a healthy me, with the help of Velocker and Benno Bikes, I encourage you to follow my journey and see it is possible for anybody and watch all my excuse be put to rest. Watch me and my family as we start our family life ride, and as we begin to do our part to ensure our planet for future generations! The first step, day one bike to work!