Transportation in My Perspective

Transportation in My Perspective

David Tinoco on Jul 29th 2019

From the Mind of David Tinoco

As a 17 year old with a license and a car I can say that after 3 months of driving around San Diego I hated it as much as my parents do. Leave aside all the preparation and test taking you have to get through to even obtain your license, the fees and the stress goes way over your head in the time that you should be studying and focusing on school. Don't even mention the DMV! Everyone knows that the DMV is known to hire sloths for workers. A simple photo and form completion ends up taking more than an hour when you finish. And what if you forget a “crucial document”? They send you home and you have literally just wasted your time for absolutely nothing

Once I became an intern at ebike cargo on the Velocker team it became very apparent that I had wasted my time obtaining my drivers license. On a bike I don’t need a license or even money to pay for gas. No test’s. No stress. Nothing. If only I knew this before putting countless hours into my test pregame. Although I was practicing my driving the freedom wasn't 100% there yet. It's probably the only thing I looked forward to through the entire process. The day I passed my driving test is when that freedom begun. My car was finally MY CAR. Driving was my transportation of choice. It was fun at first. The breeze with the window down. The little tree hanging from my rear view. The burning hot seat belt. Not being able to find parking. The terrible drivers! It quickly became a not so fun lonely time. I was outside but it didn't feel that way. People were walking a couple of feet away from me but we never would interact.

Thousands of teenagers my age or even younger can experience the freedom of getting around their hometown while lifting their mood in a positive way. It would be a shame if more and more young adults go down the road I went down without having the awakening I did. The value you get with a bicycle compared to a car is immense as a 17 year old. Generally I don't have to carry anything bigger than groceries and it is very doable by bike for me. Biking has become my most idle way of transportation and I believe it can work for everyone. The Velocker can allow your transportation needs to be met on 2 wheels instead of the traditional 4 wheels that are commonly used today. Join in on our electric bike movement and make your life by bike a true possibility.