Who we are and why we care

Who we are and why we care

Brian Hoffman on Sep 16th 2019

Ebike Cargo Products is a small San Diego startup specializing in green, sustainable transportation solutions.  As the realities of climate change and overpopulation become increasingly apparent, concerned citizens need new environmentally conscious transportation alternatives.  

Our premiere product, the Velocker bicycle cargo system, will make bike transportation viable for a large population.  Velockers are large capacity, lockable and stylish aluminum bicycle panniers.  Reminiscent of Airstream trailers and designer luggage, Velockers are built to last a lifetime.  These versatile hard panniers are lightweight, quick and easy to mount and remove and are fully recyclable.

We feel that the electric bicycle, in a variety of forms, will be the future of urban transportation.  Optimizing the e-bike to securely carry goods and gear is the obvious path to affordable, efficient, green transportation for all.  We are excited to offer people around the world a new, truly sustainable yet convenient transportation solution.

We are passionate about doing our part to preserve the natural environment for future generations.  Please help us.