In 2017, founder Brian Hoffman began using an electric cargo bike for his 25 mile daily commute, but struggled to carry around his daily needs. After extensive research, he found that durable, secure cargo solutions for bicycles did not exist. This led Brian, a skilled designer and tradesman, to fabricate a set of lightweight aluminum saddle boxes which he securely fastened to his bike, and Ebike Cargo was born. 

The first small run of Velockers was used to introduce our secure cargo cases to decision makers at bicycle manufacturers and to develop social media awareness. We also sold 80 prototype Velockers to our local and online supporters, generating income while gaining insight into our customers' diverse mobility needs.

Over the past four years Ebike Cargo has designed, manufactured and test marketed and entirely new product concept, secure bicycle cargo systems. We have collaborated with major ebike manufacturers like Benno, Bosch and Tern to develop exciting new mobility and delivery machines. Our Velocker products have been featured at major bicycle trade shows, industry events and in multiple viral marketing campaigns.

Through these collaborations we have built lasting and meaningful relationships with decision makers at major ebike companies. With their help and insight we have been able to refine our product and integrate our business to the marketplace.

Ebike Cargo is now poised to scale our operations and bring our sustainable mobility innovations to a market in need of secure storage solutions. We are excited to bring practical ebike transportation and logistics to people and businesses around the world.