Out of a desire to drive less and live more sustainably, we started fabricating locking aluminum panniers for cargo bikes in 2017. Velockers have proven incredibly useful in our lives and we want to share our disruptive innovations with the world.  We believe that Ebikes are the future of local transportation and delivery.

Our goal is to provide safe and versatile automobile replacement strategies while maintaining or improving a rider’s quality of life.

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Now only accepting pre-orders for 2nd generation Velockers.

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D-Rings (Set of 2)

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D-Rings (Sets of 2) can be used for fastening with tie downs or bungee cords.    NOTE: THEā€¦

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What's the next big thing? Join our team in the transformational e-bike movement. Entrepreneurs Wanted!

Do you love bicycles? Do you care deeply about the future and our planet? Do

Brian Hoffman
Nov 6th 2020

Our Plan For the Future of Green Transportation

Hello Concerned Citizens,On behalf of Ebike Cargo Products, I would like to introduce you to the Vel

Brian Hoffman
Jan 17th 2020


My name is Katrina, I am the director of operations for, the home of the Velocker. I

Katrina LeBlanc
Nov 12th 2019