Our Story

Hi my name is Brian Hoffman, I am an inventor, environmental activist and entrepreneur from San Diego. A few years ago I started using an electric cargo bike as my primary form of transportation. I was able to reduce my GHG emissions by 30% overnight, but I struggled to carry around my daily needs (tools, goods, gear and my dogs) securely on my bike. 

I experimented with pannier bags, backpacks and milk crates like most bike commuters, but these options were not ideal. So I decided to come up with a solution which eventually became the Velocker. I spent countless hours in my workshop designing and cutting and bending and grinding and welding until I had produced a workable solution. My team and I made an assortment of prototypes using different materials, methods and parts. As we narrowed down what worked best, we developed more sophisticated designs and the “Velocker” product began to take shape. 

What had started out as a personal quest to live more sustainably became our collective mission to help others do the same. Life by bike can be challenging and we thought that safe, secure cargo systems could make e-bike mobility realistic for a great number of people.

We are excited to finally bring our innovative, practical bicycle cargo solutions to market in 2023. In the months and years to come, we look forward to building a sustainable, rewarding and equitable business and workplace. To join our team or support our efforts, please reach out to us at ebikecargo@gmail.com.

Meet Our Team